Great friendly community oriented to vanilla Minecraft, survival, mods and minigames.

We also play Factorio, OpenTTD, StarMade, FreeOrion and other interesting games.

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We are a group of adults who in their free time caring for servers with a great game Minecraft, but also other games. Our servers are open to all people who want to enjoy a relaxing game without lags, bugs, spammy players, nicknames thieves, cheaters, hackers and other unwanted elements.


This is multiserver through which you connect to other servers. It includes servers without mods (Survival, Skyblock, Creative, and also prepare minigames), and servers with mods Eden, IC2-S1, SkyTech and Apocalypse.
MC| SkyTech ★
Skytech is a unique project in the Czech Republic/Slovakia. It’s Skyblock with Mekanism and some other mods. Mobs dropped some pieces of ores whitch you don’t get normally. Random drops different materials is possible when you mining (in cobblestone generator)
MC| IC2-S1 ★
IC2 (Industrial Community 2) is the server for players loving technical conveniences. You can play vannila and do just a few machines or make a spectacular seat, factory, industrial zone, and much more!
MC| Apocalypse ★
Originally, the server with the same modpack as S2. In the new version will be server very different. Title is the Apocalypse. There will be a custom generator postapocalyptic landscape and mods focused on high-quality enjoyment of survival and pvp.
MC| Eden ★
Eden is the server for players who enjoy nature, animals and magic. Mods give more new blocks, items but mainly dungeons and bosses. You can succeed and make a variety of magical items, and a number of other interesting activities, which I’m sure you must try!
Discover a world where the sky is not the limit. Build your spaceship and explore new worlds, find the ruins of civilizations, reap and craft new appliance for your ship, trade and fight with the pirates. Invite your friends, create a faction and occupy solar system. Fight with other factions and conquer the universe!
In this game you become the director of the transport company and your job is transport all kinds of products, passengers and to develop transport infrastructure. From the beginning you have the only road and rail transport, then pops up shipping, aircraft, monoraild, even the manglev.
Minetest is sandbox game and the game engine inspired by InfiniMiner, Minecraft, and similar. It is developed from October 2010. Unlike the more famous Minecraft is a completely free with open source code. Is programmed in C++, and it runs even on older, less powerful computers.
on demand
Terraria have similar large world in 2D. There are many choices what to do and you should be afraid of monsters. The basis is that survival in Terrarii depends on you, because you will produce weapons and other equipment, than you will dig raw materials and you still fight for your life.

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