Main Rules
Playing on server RebelGames.Net player agree with all rules shown below, which is applies on all servers, teamspeak and website.
§2 Player agree with possible publishing of IP adress or email on website/server/facebook/teamspeak.
§3 TODO: Výklad pravidel je pouze v kompetenci Administrátorů (dále jen Admin) a Moderátorů (dále jen Mod).
§4 Advertising of other game servers/portals is not allowed.
§5 Ignorance of rules doesn’t excuse.

General Rules
§6 Use everywhere only one nickname.
§7 Player must followed the valid laws – We won’t tolerate any manifestations of racism, xenophobia and nationalism, etc..
§8 The player is obliged that adhere to the basics of good behavior in society, be polite.
§9 It is not allowed use the vulgar expression as nick, or build from the blocks vulgar inscriptions, signs, or pictures.
Admin Team (Staff)
§10 Admin / Mod is authority of the server and player will respect him.
§11 All Admins, Moderators, Developers (Dev), Builders and Protectors (Prot) are Staff members.
§12 About unban decides Staff member who allocate it. If this member isn’t in Staff already than will decides other admins.
§13 The decision of Staff is final and binding.
§14 Admin can change rules anytime.
Player Account
§15 All game accounts – therefore items ( blocks, circuits and other buildings) are the property of the server. In case of data loss or any loss of items and constructed blocks isn’t entitled to compensation from server or the members of the Staff.
§16 Have more than one gaming account is not allowed.
§17 For the loss or misuse of passwords doesn’t match the server.
§18 Any Staff members doesn’t have permission want your information about accounts – Facebook, Twitter… etc. They don’t need this information for manipulation with accounts. You release this information at your own risk.
Minecraft Rules
§24 Players are forbidden to build on, or otherwise modify the landscape around the building of another player and the city (approx. 500 blocks) without the consent of the Mayor of the city.
§25 Cut downs tribe with leaves or you will be punished
§26 It is prohibited any ravage the landscape (e.g., surface mining), sand may not benefit anywhere else than in the sandy mine (/warp mines). Otherwise, it’s necessary to modify the landscape so that it didn’t know that there was mined ever.
§27 It’s not permitted to build pillars or holes 1 x 1 except temporary signs for claiming.
§28 TODO: Je zakázáno stavět budovy z netheracku, cobblestonů a dirtů. Vyjímka je možná pouze pokud bude dům vypadat hezky (posoudí A-Team). V opačném případě může být tato stavba bez varování smazána.
§29 It is prohibited to build flying buildings or areas. For special purposes can Admin provide the authorization.
§30 Building/player protection:

  1. For the protection of any building it is necessary to ask the Admin/Mod/Protector for security your plot protection. Griefing unprotected buildings is also banned!
  2. Doors, chests, protects the lock on a player – lock the foreign property is a crime.
  3. PvP outside of the reserved zone (arena, events, etc.) is prohibited. But it’s allowed in your own protect, where the player can use the methods of the PvP for asset protection or against an unwanted visitor. Killing players outside of these exceptions are banned.
  4. Create private warp on the foreign protektu is permitted only with the consent of the owner. If the owner wants to cancel the warp, you have a duty to do it. If you ignore the request, we will deleted all of your warps..
  5. Ignition, the killing of uranium, etc … is considered griefing, and therefore is also punished. (the exception is the your own territory with the intruders when prompted)

§31 It is prohibited to abuse bugs.
§32 It is prohibited mining with bugs.
§33 It is prohibited to use any X-ray modes, X-ray graphics package, the fly modes and other external programs for promoting the game, these offenses will be immediately punished perma-ban.
§34 When a longer absence (AFK) the player is obliged to log off from the server. Repeated long-term AFK when the Player specifically and repeatedly, for example, through the night when he sleeps, he’ll let the game just because of that automatically, or he benefited run farm, machines, etc., is punishable!
§35 It is forbidden to spam in any global and private chat.
§36 It is forbidden to throw items on spawnu and public places.
§37 A blacklist is a list of items that are banned on servers or somehow limited. Blacklist we are trying to block or limit all things that can disrupt the multiplayer experience on publicly accessible servers. Items and blocks are blocked when they can compromise your game territory, relegating the game, or otherwise impair its continuity. Over time, the blacklist can vary, it is not in our power to maintain a current list. If item/block on the blacklist you will learn directly from the server when you try to craft, or use.

StarMade Rules
§38 Use your brain.
§39 Admins and MODs don’t server as a hint.
§40 It is prohibited to use the bugs. If you find an error, but you don’t tell about you can be punished.
§41 It’s banned “spawn kill” – The repeated killing of on the spot where the player pops up.
§42 TODO: It is prohibited to attack the weaker opponent, if the nezautočil soon as possible. Choose yourself equal opponent.
§43 Spawn sector (2, 2, 2) is not used as a guarded parking lot or as a factory for the production of ships. It is forbidden to build here.
§44 The ban on building ships with the recording of the weight (mass) over 100 000. In violation of the ship will be deleted without a refund.
§45 It is banned to set up blueprints as a EnemyUsable. In violations will blueprint deleted without refund.
§46 It’s banned leaving ships on the surface of the planet. In the case of violation of the ship will be deleted without a refund.
§47 TODO: The playing area is limited to one Galaxy, nevyletávejte outside, other galaxies are exactly the same.
§48 The server requires registration and authorization on
TeamSpeak Rules
§49 Player use there same nick as on servers
§50 Nickname, room name, avatar, description mustn’t be vulgar.
§51 Permanent rooms for players granted Admin TS in certain circumstances.
§52 POKE for Staff may be used only if it is an acute problem, information.
§53 When you communicating with Staff write your problem or question immediately (greeting or questions “can I type? Do you have time?..etc.” Staff ignores)
§54 Before you ask Staff, make sure that the answer is not on the web/forum RebelGames.Net

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