Support Us/VIP

Each project needs support. If you like it here, you can vote to support server on different serverlists. Links can be found at this page.

Every vote is accumulating and, if you want, you can turn the accumulated votes for benefits on the server. Under certain number of votes you can using the /vrm command to turn your votes, for example, for VIP, flying (as in creative) or different features for the server. The list of benefits can be found here. But we try to make it do not facilitate the game too much and thus spoil the true survival experience.

Server and all who constitute it can also support other ways, it depends on the agreement. Sincere praise warmed everyone’s heart. You can actively contribute to the creation of records in wiki, help to other players in the game or on the forum. Every effort is appreciated and options are plentiful.

We appreciate any support and we thank you.